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NBU (National Bank of Ukraine) and International Federation of Red Cross created accounts to help Ukrainians. Here are the shortcuts to help via credit card or donate to Ukraine via bank transfer.

Donate via official National Bank of Ukraine and Red Cross pages

Humanitarian Aid
food and shelter for refugees
Red Cross
Emergency Appeal
Armed Forces
logistical and medical support

Are there other ways to help Ukraine?

Those wishing to join the provision of hospitals with medicines and necessary materials can read the list of needs and fill in the form at this link.

Those wishing to provide shelter for Ukrainian people can fill in the form at this link.

Is it possible to Donate to Ukraine with Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency was recently legalized in Ukraine and can be used by official institutions now. However Cryptocurrency donations are still not so fast and direct as fiat donations. Here is the official page of the Ministry of digital transformation of Ukraine to donate Ukraine with cryptocurrency.

How do the Humanitarian Aid works?

The National Bank of Ukraine has opened an account for the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine. It will serve for humanitarian purposes only.

What is happening in Ukraine?

On February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation launched a large-scale invasion to Ukraine using a huge number of tanks, fighters, ballistic and cruise missiles and other modern weapons. Bombing of cities, critical infrastructure including nuclear power plants has become a daily reality.
The Russian government hides the scale and reasons for the war from its people, claiming that it is conducting a special operation for the purpose of denazification. The Russian church supports the invasion, arguing that it is preventing theoretically possible gay parades in Ukraine, thus justifying the biggest hostilities since World War II. It sounds freak, but that's how Russian propaganda works. The Russian media have created an alternative reality where democracy and equality are synonymous with nationalism.
The most probable real reason for the war is that Russia does not like the possibility of a successful democracy nearby. The Russian government believes that it can be the end of the current Russian system. Also, highly probable, there is a connection with the possible nuclear treaty with Iran. 24.02.2022 Ukraine started to test its own electric power system without connection with Russian systems. Russia prepared for the vast invasion much much earlier and maybe decided to use this date as some additional silent explanation of the war. The worst thing is that most Russian people are poisoned by propaganda, support the war, and are ready to kill Ukrainians just on national grounds such as the Ukrainian language. Generally, Russian denazification means that only the Russian language is allowed.

How can donations help Ukraine?

Ukraine's economy has been hit hard by the Russian invasion. Industrial production was significantly reduced and refocused on defensive purposes where possible. Agriculture has become impossible in the vast areas where the fighting is taking place. Ten's of millions of people are forced to move in search of asylum. Millions of people can't work and need material support. Ukraine's resources are limited and help is needed.

National Bank of Ukraine and Red Cross bank details

Humanitarian Help
Ministry of Social Policy details
Armed Forces
National Bank of Ukraine details

** Possibilities of minimizing bank commissions when transferring charitable contributions to Ukraine need to be clarified directly with the sender's banking institution.